Campus Representative

Job Description

We welcome students who pursue challenges, innovation and progress to join us! As a Campus Representative, your concrete work includes:

  • Building your own campus team, lead the team in making and conducting market promotion plan
  • Assisting domestic marketing department and overseas professors with curriculum work,ensuring courses recognition in your home university
  • Organizing campus presentations, promoting program intensively
  • Achieving channels exploitation and management, utilizing social media marketing to extend students resources
  • Accomplishing, grasping and analyzing customer psychology in marketing forefront, improving communication skills and conflict management ability
  • Collecting market feedbacks, mastering market trends and making developing plans, etc.

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Join ONPS Campus Representative team, you will:

  • Enjoy competitive compensation as well as comfortable working atmosphere
  • Accept a full range of self-study, training and performance assessment
  • Associate with future leaders who are in the same camp, strive and communicate together, broaden your horizon and network
  • Obtain open sources, also have chances to acquire recommendation letters from Ivy League professors as well as internship opportunities in Fortune Global 500 companies
  • Fulfill achievement of encouraging others and accomplishing yourself, by exercising abilities of management, communication, public speaking, etc.

Team Culture

ONPS strives to build a high-end international communication platform for all elite students, reputable professors, and top 500 enterprises all around the world. Cohesiveness is the core for a team, sharing the same team culture and value is the key to develop team cohesiveness. ONPS aims to not only help Campus Representatives achieve material profit, but also have all Campus Representatives recognized our idea and culture, create a sense of belonging for everyone in the team of ONPS.

If you have dreams, if you are passionate for future, if you resist being ordinary and like challenges, then, join ONPS, take the first for your career, here will be a platform of fast-growing and fulfilling self-value for you! ONPS is a place where you can challenge yourself, temper yourself and achieve yourself, this will only be a start for you to make high profit in ONPS!

From previous Campus Representatives:

Meng Tong: “This job is neither a ‘stupid’ meaningless labor, nor stressful impossible mission. The marketing promotion plan in ONPS is thorough, as Campus Representative, what you need to do is to connect every step with each other, then efficiently arrange these work to your team, which will improve your own thinking, during this process, you can also cultivate leadership ability from practice.”

Huang Yue: “As a business student, marketing is the most suitable position to practice our ability. During the time of being Campus Representative, I need to contact with academic advisors from all major departments, provide credit transferring information to students who are interested, and try to simplify the complication of their transferring procedure. What’s more important is to keep communications between the university and students all the time. For a freshman like me, such practice is very valuable. And the most important lesson I’ve had from here, is honesty, being responsible for students as well as myself.”

Luo Yufei: “Working for a team, who is full of positive energy, can motivate one’s creativity. As Campus Representative in the team, I felt high executive ability in the whole team, which deeply moved me, and because of these motivation, I have developed my creativity and found some abilities in me that I’ve never noticed.”

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