What do you need to do as a volunteer?

Every summer holidays ONPS gather support from 100 brilliant student volunteers from universities both in China and abroad. This year we are going to enlist 100 assistants for the 5 campuses in Beijing, Qingdao, Chengdu, Shanghai,Hangzhou. The volunteers can choose between working as a Teaching Assistant (TA) or a Management Assistant (MA). The TA will assist professors from world-class universities of North America to instruct students’ study, provide invaluable discussionsand have brain storming sessions with students. Meanwhile, TA will also help the professors and their family to adapt withtheir daily life in China. The MA will assist the ONPS Organizing Committee to scheme and organize all kinds of activities including participation in the extra curriculum activities and provide assistance for students’ life during the entiresummer session.

If you would like to work with the outstanding professors from world-class universities of North America and organize a high end summer party for hundreds of summer session students, we will be delighted for your participation in ONPS!

Join ONPSPlease send your Curriculum Vitae to faq@onpsummer.org


Teaching Assistant)& Management Assistant

Working place and time


Volunteers can choose to work from 5 cities, namely are Beijing, Qingdao, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shanghai respectively. They are required to perform the duty 3 to 4 days before commencement of the summer course, and leave the campus 2 to 3 days after the program ends ( the specific date will be announced by person in charge in university one month before commencement of the program). Volunteers can submit application based on their different requirements on working campus.

Volunteer Benefits:

• Once you win our approval, you will become a member of us. Join us, starting your new journey.
• We will provide free working meals for each volunteer.
• Since the beginning date of duty, each campus will select and award an outstanding volunteer from the academic assistant team and the management assistant team every week.
• We provide volunteer certificate issued by the university where each volunteer has participated in the activities of ONPS.
• You will get the gift package which is prepared for students by ONPS, including T-shirts,volunteer handbook, memorial book, etc. Every moment of this summer will be recorded.
• We reimburse the transportation fee and meal expenses for volunteers in the hotel, airport and other special positions.

Job description:

→ Teaching Assistant (TA):

• Assist the professor in completing teaching affairs, and make schedule for the professor;
• Prepare and process the course materials;
• Assist the professor in correcting students’ homework and quizzes, make a record of students’ grades and other course-related affairs;
• Provide teaching services for students;
• Organize the class discussion every Friday.


• Excellent English proficiency;
• Proactive attitude towards work, adapt to the cross-cultural work environment;
• Strong sense of responsibility and professional ethics;
• Strong ability in analyzing and solving problems;
• Working hour: five to six days a week.
→ Management Assistant (MA):

• Arrange the airport pickup, registration, non-credit courses services for students, etc;
• Help students arrange the schedule for their lives on campus;
• Plan and organize the large-scale activities of ONPS.


• Strong sense of responsibility and professional ethics;
• Strong ability in analyzing and solving problems;
• Proactive attitude towards work, solve students’ problems in time;
• Working hour: three to six days a week.

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