Who are we looking for?

For the 2019 session, faculty recruitment went smoothly around the world. Now for 2020 session, we need you who are respected, motivated and passionate to join us and to spread your knowledge and expertise in our global campuses, which are located in Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Chengdu, Taiwan, Hangzhou.

Join ONPSPlease send your Curriculum Vitae to oia@onpsummer.org

What can you benefit from ?

Have you ever thought about enriching your teaching experience in other countries like China? Or spending a memorable and amazing summer to explore Chinese culture while earning an attractive compensation? Most importantly, as an academic, has there been an impulsion throughout your life to exchange teaching experience and co-share resources with Chinese scholars? If so, then join us, we are here waiting for you.


Let you gain more wonderful time here

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